Important Questions

WHO is at the church?
Going to a new church is probably one of the toughest moves that you will ever make, but the smartest. You do not know anyone; you wonder if you will be accepted, will you be under dressed. These are questions that we all ask when we walk into a new church. Let us ease your mind about Tri-City Baptist Temple. We are down to earth people that love the Lord. We get together to learn, love and live the way God would have to do according to His word.
WHAT should I expect?
All who attend Tri-City will enjoy the simplicity of the service. The service contains a balance of hymns and modern praise and worship music. The music then is followed by a clear and applicable study of God’s Word. We offer Sunday Bible Study for those who want to grow deeper roots into God’s Word. Sunday service is often held in “class room” style allowing for questions and answer along with the use of a white board to delve deeper and to clearly illustrate each lesson.
WHEN do the services start?
Sunday Prayer Time   9:40 AM
Sunday Bible Study       10:00 - 10:45 AM
Sunday Morning Worship   11:00 AM
HOW should I dress?
 There is no dress code at Tri-City. Our main goal is that people who attend our services feel comfortable and welcome.
AM I expected to give?
 No. We do not invite you to Tri-City for your offering. We want our services to be our gift to you. We desire that you will feel the warm family atmosphere we     have, grow in the grace of God, and learn from God’s Word, the timeless truth needed for a life that glorifies God.
WHERE are you located?
1804 Charlestown Rd
Parking in Rear (By way of Vance St or Florence St.)
Additional Parking on South St.